How To Improve Your Google Business Listing

Google Business Listing or Google My Business as it is also known as, (GMB) is a must-have marketing tool for any company with physical locations. Through GMB, you are able to update your company information on Google, show up on Google Maps, let customers make reservations at your venue (and receive directions and contact details), and engage with potential and existing customers via your Google Places page. If you currently use other marketing tools, Google Places is a must-have. The process is relatively easy. Here’s how:

How Do I Get One?

Sign up. Google offers a free sign-up for new users. Once signed up, you’ll need to verify your company information, create a business page, and upload any company videos, images, documents, etc. To verify your company information, simply log in to Google and click the verification link right next to your username on the left-hand navigation panel.

Post To Your Google Listing Weekly

Update your listing. You’ll need to update your listing information every so often. This is done by clicking the ‘View’ button next to the company name. You’ll find several tabs across the top of the page that will allow you to update information such as company description, business hours, and contact information. Every listing update will also generate a notification alerting you to its new status.

Press Releases

Generate a press release. A press release is a very effective method to let the world know about your company and brand. Just write an informative and professional news release and send it off to local publications.

Promote your site. Once you’ve got your verified company information, it’s time to promote your website. Add your website link to all of your e-mails. Have your employees create content about your products and services. If you have social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook, post new content to all of them at once.

Google Maps

Get on Google Maps. Google Maps is the best mapping application on the web. Download Google Maps to your computer, login, and get started creating business listings right away. Choose cities and product fields to locate your business. Start getting customers to your new location!

Update your physical location. Depending on what type of business you have, make sure to update your physical location with street addresses, phone numbers, and any other information pertinent to potential clients. This will help visitors to know more about you.

Can I Boost My GMB Ranking in Other Ways?

There are many ways to increase your Google Places ranking. The above are only a few of the many ideas. The important thing is to implement all of the suggestions above for the optimal level of success. Don’t have the time to post consistently? We here at Bowman Digital Marketing can help you with that! Message us about our GMB posting services and watch your sales increase from the traffic that we know we can generate, be it online or coming through the doors. Hit me up at bill@bowmandigitalmarketing or use the contact form to reach me directly.