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Send Notifications Directly To Your Customers and Increase Sales

With our new App Software, you can now directly message your customers/clients on the one device that they have with them a majority of the time.

Imagine how much more repeat business you can generate if you can get your offers in front of customers. No more worrying about if they opened the email you sent or whether that ad your paid for even was seen by them.

When you send a message to their mobile phone if they are like most of us they will look to see what the notification is for. With the proper offer in front of them, it’s possible that you will get their attention and they will take action.

Message us to learn more on how this can generate more profits and find out just affordable it is.

Reach Them More Often! 

Your customers and clients have their mobile devices nearby pretty much all the time. So if you want to reach them then you should have your own mobile app for them to download. Once you get them to download it you can message them with your offers. 

Cost Effective

Starting at just $49 per month ($1.58 a day) you can message your customer every day with your best-performing offers. 

Increase Market Share

With your own custom mobile app, you can increase your market share by getting your existing customers to share the app with their friends and family. 


100% Secure and Affordable Mobile App Software for your business


We customize the app to look and feel like your current website and we also will use your logo as the icon on mobile devices.


Works on Apple and Android Devices

Free Updates

You will not have to do anything for updates. We handle the updates automatically for you!

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